The Ken's Advantage
Why It's Better To Buy From A Bike Shop

Where you buy has everything to do with what you get. Here are 9 things you get when you buy from a bike shop that make your life better.

Bicycles aren't like hamburgers, toasters or suitcases. Bikes require skilled professional assembly to get the best performance, safety and longevity, as well as proper measurements and adjustments. Every new bicycle needs a minor tune up after its break-in period and regular maintenance throughout its lifetime. A quality ride, carefully assembled to fit you, is one of the best investments you can make.


These are the reasons that Ken's Bike-Ski-Board is consistently voted "Best Bike Shopin the Davis Enterprise "Best of Yolo County" poll 10 years in a row! 

1. We have the right bike for you.

We offer a wide selection of bicycles for different people and uses. If you're into cruising, you certainly don't need to test ride racing rigs.  A road bike makes no sense if your plan is to tackle Sierra dirt. You need the bike type that's right for you, and Ken's experienced staff will listen to you and help you choose.  Then we'll custom fit your new ride, so it feels like an extension of you.

2. Every bike you buy, is custom fit to you.

Bicycles come in different, very adjustable sizes. We measure your height, shoulder width, arm length and leg length. When we have your ideal frame size, we dial in the setup by positioning all components fittingly. We’ll ask about your comfort preferences: if you need a softer saddle, or prefer to sit more upright. Your bike will fit your body and work where you want to ride it. We'll  find you such a good fit and such a smooth ride that it will just disappear beneath you.

3. All of our new bikes are assembled by professional bicycle mechanics.

Bicycles are not completely assembled at the factory. They're actually delivered to us in a box, and we assemble, tune and test every bike before it sees our display floor.. What's more, Ken's Bike Surgeons are always prepared to make adjustments and provide advice during or after your bicycle purchase decision.

4. We encourage test rides, the best way to select a new machine.

Roll down the street, try fast & slow, take some corners, roll over smooth pavement, rough pavement, even the railroad tracks.  Shift gears.  Feel how the frame fits your legs and arms. Try the brakes.  Stand up and climb (the Covell Overpass).  Coast a bit.  We're proud of the job we do assembling and tuning the bikes you find at Ken's.  Does your test ride feel comfortable, easy to pedal, smooth?  Is it quiet?  Do you love the ride?  Make some mental notes and return to our shop.  Try another, if you like.  We're happy to let you compare several bikes from our wide selection, so you find a wonderful ride for years to come.

5. Our experienced staff is happy to offer all the free cycling advice you need.

We love our staff because they’re friendly and enthusiastic. They’re competent salespeople. They’re expert career mechanics. Above all, they’re good listeners. Need a rundown on how to shift, fix a flat, carry gear, or pump your tires? Want to find the best places to ride or friends to pedal with? We have the answers.

6. Every new bike comes with a free tune-up & lifetime service discount.

One of the most important services is the first tune-up, which is due after you've ridden your new bike for a few weeks.  During that time, cables might stretch, spokes may loosen and adjustments often change.  For your new rig to ride right and last as long as possible, Ken's Bike-Ski-Board provides a free tune-up where we thoroughly check all systems (a $30 to $50 value). Just drop it off overnight. Iif you're coming from out of town, call ahead and we can often do it while you have lunch or run another errand.

The bikes we sell are built better to begin with, so they’re easier to work on. We now offer a 15% discount on repairs to bikes and parts purchased from us for as long as you own your bike.

7. All our bikes are guaranteed.

Ken's Bike-Ski-Board stands behind every bike we sell.  In the rare event of a breakdown, we’ll check for manufacturer warranties protecting your purchase: many of the quality brands we represent offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers defects in frame materials and workmanship for as long as you own the bike!

8. Our bikes offer the highest quality, longest life and best resale value.

We don't  stock just any bicycles. Because we stand behind our products, we research and test brands and models in every price range. We sell only the best, starting at less than $200.  When you’re ready to upgrade, you'll be able to sell the bike for a good price.

9. We carry all the best accessories to go with your new bike.

A new bike is more fun and safe with a few add-ons. Our store is loaded with top-quality accessories and equipment such as helmets, locks, pumps, hydration systems, computers, and plenty of other goodies designed to help you enjoy riding. We have clothing for all seasons to keep your ride comfortable and dry in any weather.Try items on in a clean, spacious, private dressing room.  You'll find everything you need at Ken's!