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Kids' Snow Trade-In Policy

To accommodate the needs of families with growing children, and to encourage parents to buy the correct size, (equipment purchased “with growing room” is often difficult or even dangerous for the child to use for the first season or two), Ken’s Bike-Ski-Board has established a policy for trading in equipment you purchase from us, which your child later outgrows. This policy began with boots, the most important and most individual piece of equipment needed for safely enjoying modern snow sports. It has now been expanded to include skis, snowboards, snowshoes, bindings and poles.

When you buy ski or snowboard equipment from Ken’s Bike-Ski-Board for anyone under 16 years of age you won’t be stuck when they outgrow their gear.

Gt a portion of what you paid for it applied to your new purchase for up to 3 years
 - boots must be traded in on new boots, skis for new skis, etc.

up to 50%

within one year after purchase

up to 35%

within 2 years after purchase

up to 25%

within 3 years after purchase


  1. All equipment must be in good working condition and not show signs of damage orexcessive wear. Ski boots and bindings must meet current DIN specifications. Skis andsnowboards must be free of major base or edge damage (whether repaired or not).
  2. Purchaser must present receipt showing date and price paid.
  3. User of equipment must cooperate with bootfitter and/or sales person.
  4. These policies do not apply to damaged/abused equipment, to equipment purchasedeleswhere, or to fitting equipment to a different user