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Kids' Bike Trade-In 

Wondering what size bike to buy for your kid?
Get the best size for your child(ren) every time, with Ken's Junior Trade-In Program.

Bikes purchased with too much "growing room" are often difficult to ride (or even dangerous) to use for the first year or two. To encourage parents to buy the correct bike size for kids every time (and still accomodate later growth), Ken's has established a policy for trading-in new bikes purchased from us.

When you buy any new bicycle from Ken's for anyone under 16 years of age and he or she outgrows the equipment within 4 years, you won't be stuck with it: we'll credit part of the price you paid* toward a new bike for the same child. First, we'll subtract the price of all repairs needed to bring the bike up to our "for-sale" standards (& any loss of value due to cosmetic damage) from the trade-in allowance.

Find The Right Bike Today

*maximum trade in prices are listed below

1) All equipment must be in good working condition and not show signs of irreparable damage or excessive wear. 
2) Purchaser must present receipt showing date bought and price paid. 
3) Trade-in policy does not apply to damaged/abused equipment, to bicycles purchased eleswhere or more than four years ago, or to any clothing, helmets or other bike accessories.

of price paid

if purchase date

Less Than
1 Year Ago

of price paid

if purchase date

1 & 2 Years Ago

>1 year ago,  <2 years ago

of price paid

if purchase date

2 & 3 Years Ago

>2 years ago, <3 years ago

of price paid

if purchase date

Between 3 & 4 Years Ago

>3 years ago, <4 years ago