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Ski & Snowboard Shop at Ken's

Your Snow Sport Experts in Davis, CA

Let our team of ski and snowboard techs help you get the most out of your equipment this season. Well maintained bases & edges are key to maximizing your fun on the slopes, while having your bindings properly positioned and securely mounted (and torque tested, for skiers) is vital to your safety. Ask our friendly shop experts to inspect your equipment after every few days on the mountain to ensure consistent glide, reliable edge grip, and predictable performance!

Start with a FREE, no-obligation estimate on your service needs. 

When you bring your equipment to Ken's, we'll examine your edges, base structure, bindings (and boots) then provide you with a free, comprehensive estimate of recommended work. We strive to complete your ski or snowboard service quickly and accurately so that you can get back to the slopes with gear that is tuned to perform exceptionally in your preferred conditions.

Hot Wax


Professional care for your poorly sliding and dry bases (your planks will last longer & go faster!)

Base Clean

Hot Iron Wax

Scrape & Buff

New Gear Tune


Make those first few turns extra special. Get your planks in perfect shape before that first ride:

Everything in the Hot Wax Service, plus:

Detune edges

Edge & Wax


Clean up those rough or burred edges for that extra edge so you can carve through those turns with ease.

Everything in the New Gear Service, plus:

Hand File Edges

Polish Scratches

Deluxe Tune


Keep your board/s in top shape, or bring them back to life: either way, hit the slopes with like-new gear!

Everything in the Edge & Wax Service, plus:

P-Tex Base Repairs

Stone Grind

Flouro Wax

Base Repair or Patch

Fix that gouge in your ski or snowboard. We will assess the damage and let you know exactly what you need to get back on the slopes.
Starting at

Edge Replacement

Fix that blown ski edge or snowboard edge with a brand wrap applied by our expert ski shop technicians.
Starting at

Top Sheet Delamination Repair 

Don't let that peel in your top sheet go unchecked. We'll assess the damage for free and give you a quote before we start repairs.
Starting at

Professional Boot Fitting

It's a fact: happy feet keep you on the hill. Come in for a one on one session with our professional bootfitters, then head out for the perfect day with the perfect fit. 

Certified Ski Binding Work

Binding mounts are a matter of safety - our certified ski technicians take the guess work out of binding mounting, adjusting & testing so you can enjoy your days on the hill.