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All-Mountain Skis

K2 Disruption 76X + M3 10 Compact Quikclik
$384.97 $549.95 30% Off
One-Liner: The perfect first pair of skis. There comes a time to graduate from the rental line and experience the pride of ownership in your own pair of skis. The Disruption 76X is the perfect place to start. These smooth, versatile performers have all the tech you need to carve your way down the hill. Headlined by our I-Beam construction and Catch Free Rocker profile (for effortless turn initiation), you'll be able to ditch the bunny hill and broaden your horizons with the Disruption 76X. - Dimensions: 126 - 76 - 110 - Rocker: Catch Free Rocker - Edge Bevel: 1.2 x 2.0 - Drill Spec: 3.6 x 9.5 - Core: Foam core w/ aspen insert and pressured glass reinforcement - Tech Features 1: I-Beam - Tech Features 2: Hybritech Sidewalls CATCH FREE ROCKER Effortless turn initiation at slow to moderate speeds thanks to a medium height, gradual rise in the tip, and a low, gradual rise in the tail. I-BEAM Optimally shaped reinforcement focused around the skis neutral axis, enhances stability and power transfer along the entire length of the ski. HYBRITECH Sidewall construction underfoot blended with a cap construction in the tip and tail. The sidewall section gives the ski accuracy, power, and edge grip, while the cap construction regions reduce swing weight.
Rossignol Women's On Piste Skis Nova 4 CA (Xpress)
$405.97 - $489.97 $579.95 - $699.95 30% Off
Carve out another best day. The women's Nova 4 CA combines playful on-trail performance with effortless carving. The flex is tuned to offer intermediate skiers a relaxed feel and confident turn initiation for making graceful arcs. A lightweight core reduces its weight by 20% for fatigue-free agility, while unique carbon and fiberglass layers create a balance between weight, flex and edge grip for a smooth feel. Relaxed, Effortless Handling Our Assist Flex profile is adapted for entry-level skiers seeking forgiving ski-ability Responsive Maneuverability Oversize Sidecut delivers confidence at speed for responsive and predictable turn initiation Balanced Flex, Full Power Carbon Alloy Matrix creates a balance of flex, edge grip, and vibration absorption for maximum power Balanced Performance Poplar Core provides a balance of weight, dampness, and flex Topsheet Durability Our Premium Hardtop topsheet maximizes durability and enhances graphics to extend the life of your skis - Weight: 2.4-2.6-2,7-2.8 - Sidecuts dimensions: 122-75-108 - Tip dimensions: 122-122-122-122 - Waist dimensions: 75-75-75-75 - Tail dimensions: 108-108-108-108 - Profile-Rocker: ON TRAIL - Radius: 10-11-12-13 - Profile-Sidecuts: Oversized - Profile-Construction: Cap - Material-Core: Poplar Woodcore - Material-Reinforcements: Carbon Alloy - Material-Other: Maxicap - Bindings-System: Xpress
Rossignol Men's All Mountain Skis Experience 86 Basalt
All resort. All the time. The Experience 86 Basalt ski blends a lightweight build with a smooth ride for carving across the entire mountain. A paulownia wood core reduces overall weight, while basalt layers absorb vibration for a smooth, quiet feel. An 86mm waist adds versatility and stability across changing snow conditions. The confidence-boosting control of our Drive Tip design works with the sidecut and full sidewall construction for smooth turn initiation and a powerful edge through the entire turn. Fast Engagement, Fluid Carving All Trail Sidecut delivers a responsive feel with quick edge engagement and powerful, consistent carving Confident, Vibration-Free Control Drive Tip Solution blends directional fibers in the tip with soft dampening material through the forebody to absorb vibration for confidence-boosting control Lightweight Stability Basalt fibers enhance power and stability while removing vibrations Lightweight Paulownia wood core reduces ski weight for a balance of weight, power, and maneuverability Maximum Edge Control Rectangular Sidewall construction delivers race-proven grip, precision, and power - Weight: 3.2-3.4-3.5-3.7-3.9 - Sidecuts dimensions: 132-86-120 (176cm) - Tip dimensions: 132-132-132-132-132 - Waist dimensions: 86-86-86-86-86 - Tail dimensions: 120-120-120-120-120 - Profile-Rocker: All trail - Radius: 10-12-14-16-18 - Profile-Sidecuts: All trail - Profile-Construction: Sidewalls - Material-Core: Paulownia Woodcore - Material-Reinforcements: Basalt - Material-Other: Hardtop - Bindings-System: Konect Technologies: DRIVE TIP SOLUTION - Blending directional fibers in the tip of the ski with soft viscose material through the forebody, our new Drive Tip Solution harnesses and eliminates vibrations moving through undulating terrain and harsh snow conditions for confidence-boosting touch and control. RECTANGULAR SIDEWALL - RECTANGULAR SIDEWALL constructions feature a horizontal layering of core materials (wood, fiberglass, metal, etc.) combined with full-length vertical sidewalls to deliver optimized edge grip, precision, balance, and power. BASALT - Stronger and lighter than fiberglass and with more elasticity than carbon, basalt fibers enhance power and stability while removing vibrations.
K2 Indy 4.5 + FDT 4.5
$229.95 - $300.00
When your little guy is ready to click into his very first pair of skis, the Indy will have him grinning ear to ear. Catch Free Rocker provides an intuitive ski experience, ensuring even the youngest family member can catch the ski bug early on in life. CATCH FREE ROCKER Effortless turn initiation at slow to moderate speeds thanks to a medium height, gradual rise in the tip and a low, gradual rise in the tail.
Rossignol Kid's All Mountain Skis Experience Pro (Kid-X)
$181.96 $259.95 30% Off
Developed to make learning to ski easier, more comfortable, and more fun. The EXPERIENCE PRO helps even the smallest skiers accelerate to the next level. Featuring a specifically designed junior flex and rocker profile. The EXPERIENCE PRO allows juniors to use changing terrain to their advantage to easily pivot steer and stop for easy and intuitive fun. - Weight: 1.4-1.5-1.6-1.7-1.8-2 - Sidecuts dimensions: 106-74-98 (128 cm) - Tip dimensions: 106-106-106-106-106-106 - Waist dimensions: 74-74-74-74-74-74 - Tail dimensions: 98-98-98-98-98-98 - Profile-Rocker: All-terrain - Radius: 7-8-9-10-11-14 - Profile-Sidecuts: Progressive - Profile-Construction: Cap - Material-Core: HD Core - Material-Reinforcements: Fiberglass - Material-Other: Maxicap+ Rossitop 3D - Bindings-System: KID X Technologies: HD CORE - The new HD CORE is a revolutionary new High-Density Core lighter and more stable than traditional poplar, balancing high-definition dampness, stability, and drive with lively, dynamic mobility and power for mixed snow conditions and changing terrain. CAP - CAP constructions (ROSSITOP) feature topsheet material that rolls from edge to edge of the ski (no sidewalls), offering lightweight ease of use, more comfortable ski-ability, and increased resistance to chipping. EXTRUDED BASE - EXTRUDED BASE offers enhanced durability for rental/demo use.
K2 Indy
$119.99 $149.99 20% Off
Skiing is a family activity. When your little guy is ready to click into his very own pair of skis, look no further than the K2 Indy Skis. With an intuitive ski experience—thanks to the Catch Free Rocker—the Indy will pass along that livelong passion to the even the youngest members of your brood.
Rossignol Terrain + Team 4 Bindings
Perfect for getting your little tyke started on skis. Rossignol / Look quality throughout, ready for years of fun.
Rossignol Experience Pro + Kid-X 4
$199.97 $259.95 23% Off
Developed to make learning to ski easier, more comfortable and more fun, the Experience Pro junior ski helps even the smallest skiers accelerate to the next level. The ski's junior-specific flex and rocker profile allows an intuitive learning progression that encourages kids to use changing terrain to their advantage to easily pivot, steer, stop and have fun on skis. All-Mountain Versatility All-Terrain Rocker delivers hard snow precision and soft snow playfulness for the freedom to excel in all snow conditions Carving Power Oversized sidecut delivers powerful carving performance Instant Comfort, Ease of Use Cap construction reduces weight and offers more comfortable ski-ability Lively, Smooth Performance HD Core balances dampening and drive for a lively feel in mixed snow and terrain
Rossignol Men's On Piste Skis React 6 CA (Xpress)
$489.97 $699.95 30% Off
Built for advanced to intermediate skiers, the new React 6 CA delivers the magic of effortless on-trail carving. New Flex Tip technology allows easy acceleration in and out of turns, putting you in the zone with an instant rhythm for carving one perfect turn after another. The carbon-enhanced, full-sidewall construction ensures a strong edge grip and rebounds to find your flow. Hard Snow Precision On-Trail Rocker profile balances instant turn initiation with explosive power and edge grip Accessible Stability LCT construction adapts our Line Control Technology for a more forgiving feel and reduces counter-flexing for confident control Maximum Edge Control Rectangular sidewall construction delivers race-proven grip, precision, and power Carving Power Oversized sidecut delivers powerful carving performance Quick Turn Entry and Exit Flex Tip Technology enhances tip and tail engagement for easy turn entry and exit - Weight: 3.0-3.1-3.2-3.3-3.4 - Sidecuts dimensions: 127-73-111 - Tip dimensions: 126-126-126-126-126 - Waist dimensions: 73-73-73-73-73 - Tail dimensions: 110-110-110-110-110 - Profile-Rocker: On Trail Rocker - Radius: 11-12-13-14-16 - Profile-Sidecuts: Oversized - Profile-Construction: Rectangular Sidewall - Material-Core: Poplar Wood Core - Material-Reinforcements: Carbon - Bindings-System: Xpress²
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