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Snowboard Bindings

$195.96 - $223.96 $279.95 Up to 30% Off
For the snowboarder who refuses to sacrifice comfort and performance for convenience, K2's Clicker™ X HB provides secure toe and heel mount points for an ultra-quick edge-to-edge response and natural lateral mobility for a familiar flex and feel. We've engineered a 3° cant directly into the chassis, helping to bring the knees together to place the user in a natural riding position. This makes turns feel more natural, alleviates foot pain, and takes unnecessary pressure off the knees and hips. An adjustable heel cup allows riders to dial in their stance perfectly and gives an excellent spot for holding when hiking for the softest snow around. The highback features tool-less forward lean adjustment with two pre-set angles. Settings dial in at 0° for a traditional up-right feel and 6° for those looking for extra leverage on their heelside turns. *Only compatible with K2 Clicker™ X HB snowboard boot models. **Compatible with all modern mountain systems (i.e., 4-hole and channel). Feature 1: GF Nylon Clicker™ X HB Chassis - Fiberglass-filled nylon construction that's strong and supportive regardless of temperature with an adjustable heel cup. Feature 2: GF Nylon AT Clicker™ X HB Highback - Flexible and lightweight with a rear notch for smooth entry and exit. Feature 3: 3º Canted Chassis - 3º of inward canting built directly into the chassis to place the rider in a natural riding position. Feature 4: Full Coverage EVA Footbed - Dense and cushioning EVA underfoot absorbs chatter and extends your day. Feature 5: Tool-less Forward Lean Adjustment - Choose on the fly between 0º and 7º of forward lean without the need for a screwdriver. Feature 6: 6061-T6 Aluminum Adjustable Heelcup - Single tool adjustment fits the heel cup to your exact boot size.
$223.96 $279.95 20% Off
For the woman that knows what she wants; comfort, performance, and convenience. The all-new Clicker X HB provides secure toe and heel metal mount points; aiding in quick edge-to-edge response. Connection points at the toe and heel allow for a familiar flex and feel, giving the rider the lateral mobility that feels comfortable out of the box. A fiberglass-filled female-specific highback provides just the right amount of support and a 3° cant on the chassis helps to put riders in the natural riding position. SECURE TOE AND HEEL MOUNT POINTS 6061-T6 Aluminum mount points provide a secure connection between the snowboard boot and binding and create ultra-fast board response, speeding up edge-to-edge transition while maintaining natural mobility while snowboarding. AT CLICKER™ X HB HIGHBACK Designed to give riders the familiar response they need to tackle the most demanding terrain, and shaped to make boot entry and exit a breeze. 3º CANTED CHASSIS Canted at 3º to match the natural leg position while snowboarding, we've integrated inward cant into the Clicker™ X HB binding to provide support to the outside of the foot for better balance, improved control and reduced foot fatigue. 6061-T6 ADJUSTABLE ALUMINUM HEELCUP Strong, stable, and micro-adjustable. An adjustable aluminum heelcup help optimize the boot-to-binding integration and minimize toe and heel drag. TOOL-LESS FORWARD LEAN ADJUSTMENT Tool-less adjustable forward lean with two pre-set positions allows you to adjust your stance on the fly.
$215.96 $269.95 20% Off
Luxury, Convenience, and Comfort - All Wrapped Into One Slip on the K2 Tryst binding and you'll be riding high in luxury. Blending a performance design philosophy without the hassle of dealing with traditional straps, the K2 Cinch Tryst binding offers the complete package for getting off the lift and beating your friends to the secret spot. The mid-to-stiff flexing K2 Tryst is built on our Tripod Chassis, allowing you to fully customize the medial and lateral flex of the binding with interchangeable urethane dampers strategically placed on the base of each binding. The supportive AT Polycarbonate Highback flips down 90° toward the snow when you're ready to strap in and locks in with a pull of a lever when it's time to cruise thanks to our time-tested Cinch Technology. Our 3° Canted EVA Footbed, EVA footbed cushioning and sliding Power Ramp complement your natural stance and providing a cushy and supportive platform that places you in a balanced position for ripping through the trees or down your favorite groomed run. Our padded Bender 3D Ankle Strap and PerfectFit Toe Strap are the perfect companions to the Cinch system, and allow you to quickly add or loosen your bindings with traditional ratchets. For a truly unique on-hill experience that'll make you the envy of your entire group, the K2 Tryst is an all-mountain convenience snowboard binding unlike other bindings you've ever ridden. - TriPod Chassis - Urethane Dampeners - 3° Canting - Seamless EVA Footbed - Adjustable Power Ramp - Polycarbonate Highback - Forward Lean Adjustment - Bender Strap - 3D Ankle Strap - Perfect Fit Toe Strap - Cam-Lock Centering - Cinch Drag Ratchet
Superior engineering, innovation, and progression at it’s finest, the K2 Cinch TS is our most versatile and responsive rear entry binding. Specializing in all-mountain versatility and power transfer, the Cinch TS uses K2’s Tripod™ chassis for improved board flex and response.
The K2 Indy all-mountain snowboard binding more than holds its own against any binding on the market and over-delivers when it comes to durability, performance, and value. The mid-flexing Indy Binding is built on our tough ProFusion Chassis with seamless EVA footbeds and a built-in 3° cant to provide premium-style comfort while putting the user in a natural athletic riding position for absorbing and attacking terrain. The AT Nylon Highback features our Gap Eraser forward lean adjustment, eliminating the need for a standard lock block and allowing you to customize the level of board response: more contact equals more response. The Power Ramp easily slides in and out to perfectly match the outsole shape of your boots for quick power transfer on take-offs and control on rails. Our padded Custom Caddi 3D ankle strap is cushy and securely hugs your feet while allowing you to tweak and flex on grabs and presses. The PerfectFit toe strap features a hinge design that can be custom-shaped to any snowboard boot toe box shape. All of the ratchets on the K2 Indy Snowboard Binding feature our EZ Feed design for quick strapping in, and are made from burly aluminum that's designed to take the abuse of everyday riding. To top it off, the entire binding can be adjusted by hand and on the board thanks to our Tool-less Adjustment design philosophy. - PC ProFusion Chassis: Polycarbonate materials combine with a classic shape to deliver a lightweight and tough framework that is the go-to standard in the K2 binding collection. - AT Nylon Highback with Gap Eraser Forward Lean Adjustment: Stiff, durable, and temperature resistant nylon provide maximum responsiveness and support. Customize your forward lean without the need for tools or a traditional forward lean block. - Custom Caddi Ankle Strap: Our most padded and cushy ankle strap option, featuring ladder covers and durable polyurethane laminate materials. - Perfect Fit Toe Strap: Patented toe strap technology that uses flexible hinges and lock levers to custom fit the toe strap to any snowboard boot silhouette. - 3° Canted Footbed: 3° of inward canting in the footbed places the rider in a natural riding position. - 100% Tool-Less Adjustment: Once mounted to your board, all strap and highback adjustments can be done on the fly without the need for screwdrivers or other tools.
$103.96 - $127.96 $129.95 - $159.95 20% Off
Buckle in and ride. The Battle is an entry-level all-mountain binding that offers easy entry and secure comfort that take the struggle out of the snowboard skills progression. Our 3D-molded ladders let you dial in the right tension, while padded toe and heel pads complement our MainFrame highbacks for the power transmission, comfort and skill-building control to play in the park and rip all-mountain. Step into the Battle and get ready to throw down. Quick and Easy Entry Cast aluminum Baselight buckles offer durability and quick ratcheting for easy entry-and-exit Heelside Power MainFrame highbacks feature a rigid center frame for massive heelside power with engineered flex zones for incredible side-to-side mobility Secure, Low-Vibration Comfort Featuring two zones of compression and thermoformed EVA, Puffy Pad footbeds increase comfort and vibration absorption
$99.97 $149.95 Up to 33% Off
The Charm is K2’s stylish, comfortable, and easy to use women’s binding that’s designed to advance your personal progression. The A-Line™ chassis is backed by K2’s lifetime baseplate warranty and the comfortable Caddi™ straps make the Charm the best sidekick any woman could ask for.
$231.96 $289.95 20% Off
Waste no time strapping in and get to the bottom before everyone else. The K2 Cinch TS is quick on the draw and our most premium and responsive convenience binding. This snowboard binding harnesses the tech found on our top-end premium models, coming together into a genuinely deluxe binding that's fully equipped with all the bells and whistles. Our customizable Tripod™ Chassis uses interchangeable urethane dampers (“pods”) under the binding base to fine-tune the medial and lateral flex for board response that's uniquely yours. The chassis also features a 3º cant that puts riders into the anatomically correct and balanced riding position. The sturdy and lightweight AT Nylon Highback flips down toward the snow when you're ready to slide in and locks with the pull of a lever when it's time to cruise, thanks to our time-tested Cinch™ Technology. The Bender™ 3D Ankle Strap and PerfectFit™ Toe Strap provide a secure and highly adjustable fit for sending it all over the mountain and in any snow condition. The K2 Cinch is an all-mountain binding that shatters the convenience binding mold for premium performance, ultra-quick strapping, and even quicker lapping. Feature 1: Cinch™ TriPod™ Chassis - A supportive and smooth flexing, fully hinging chassis that uses interchangeable pods on the base of the binding to customize the lateral mobility and feel to your exact liking. Feature 2: AT Nylon Highback - Stiff, durable, and temperature-resistant nylon provide maximum responsiveness and support. Customize your forward lean without the need for tools or a traditional forward lean block. Feature 3: Bender™ Ankle Strap - A low-profile, padless, and highly flexible injection-molded ankle strap built to optimize freestyle mobility. Feature 4: Perfect Fit™ Toe Strap - Patented toe strap technology uses flexible hinges and lock levers to custom fit the toe strap to any snowboard boot silhouette. Feature 5: 3º Canted Footbed - 3º of inward canting in the footbed places the rider in a natural riding position. Feature 6: Adjustable Forward Lean - Custom-fit the forward lean of the highback with the turn of a screwdriver.
$111.96 $139.99 20% Off
Next Generation Performance Built for kids that want to shred the entire mountain and more. The Cadet is the perfect binding to get your kids started off on the right foot. The best youth binding on the market, hands down. The Union Cadet comes equipped with Union's Stage 8 Duraflex baseplate, super lightweight TS 4.0 toe straps, and a fully adjustable heelcup for growing feet. Made for kids that want to shred the entire mountain and more. Key Features: Cadet Duraflex Highback Desinged with smaller boots in mind. The Cadet Duraflex highback is the perfect mix of flex and response to get your kids up on edge and ripping the entire mountain. Forma Ankle Strap Rapid response on the outside, fit and pillowed comfort on the inside. The Union Forma ankle strap is lightweight, durable and fits well with any make and model of boot on the market today. Stage 8 Duraflex Baseplate Introducing our lightest baseplate ever. The Stage 8 Duraflex baseplate helps shave over 10 grams off the Cadet's total weight. Not to mention, it’s compatible with all existing mounting patterns right out of the box.
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