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All-Mountain Snowboards

Lib Tech Dynamo
$559.99 - $579.99
A dreamy camber directional all terrain freeride board with unlimited freestyle capacity. The relaxed entry directional nose and mild taper floats the pow and crud effortlessly. A powerful C3 camber contour with Magne-Traction® edges guarantees precise hard pack carving and pop and stomp on big take offs and landings. The sustainable poppy aspen/paulownia core and fast running eco sublimated TNT base will have you beating your friends to the bottom all season long. An Austen Sweetin and Phil Hansen favorite! AGGRESSIVE, VERSATILE PERFORMANCE SNOWBOARD RESORT RIPPING OR DREAM TRIPPING POWERFUL, POPPY, LONG LASTING ECO FRIENDLY CORE
Burton Chopper
The Burton Chopper® is the ticket for boys who want to start snowboarding and quickly learn the basics. What makes it so perfect is the beginner-friendly combo of a convex base with upturned edges and the softest flex possible so that even the lightest weight riders can master turning and stopping. The catch-free feeling continues with a flat profile from nose to tail that’s extra stable for better balance and board control. Attach the Riglet accessory to the nose or tail of the 80-120cm sizes to tow him around and get him comfortable until he's ready to add bindings.
Lib Tech T. Rice Pro
$529.97 - $699.99 $659.99 - $699.99 Up to 20% Off
Travis’ favorite Jackson Hole designed / globally tested shape in lightweight, long lasting, environmentally friendly, powerful HP construction. The T.Rice Pro HP is a versatile stick that will allow you to push your limits anywhere on the mountain and is still playful enough to be your daily driver. The perfect resort snowboard from the world’s best snowboarder. > Travis Rice's award-winning freestyle/all-mtn stick > HP = Horsepower construction: lighter, smoother riding and more environmentally friendly too! > Banana Technology profile (camber/rocker/camber) rips everything from pipe to pow > Patented MagneTraction edges "turn ice into powder" > Competition-ready sintered base > Art by Schoph (@_schoph_) > For intermediate to advanced riders
Lib Tech Glider
$439.97 $549.99 20% Off
The Glider is a fun, easy to ride, do everything dream board that lives up to its name. The Award-winning Original Banana rocker/camber contour continues to re-define modern snowboarding with its ability to float, carve, and glide into freestyle progression. What keeps “Banana Tech” from getting too slippery? Tha's right: Magne-Traction® to ensure confident edge control in any snow condition. The Glider is an easy choice for first time to full time riders. > EASY RIDING, FREESTYLE MINDED, PLAYFUL ATV > FAST, LOW MAINTENANCE ECO SUBLIMATED BASE
Burton Process Smalls
Whether they’re tooling around the mini park or taking skills to bigger features, groms on the move will love the Burton Process Smalls. Flat Top blends the effortless feel of rocker with the full-time stability you want for launching airs and landing with confidence. Filet-O-Flex creates a super soft board that still rips with maximum stability, durability, and grip. For the rider who has outgrown the Chopper® but isn’t quite ready for the ProTest or Custom Smalls, the Process Smalls hits the sweet spot on freestyle fun. Now offered with The Channel™ mounting system to give you the easiest, most adjustable setup with any binding out there (not just Burton’s).
K2 Vandal
$199.97 $269.95 26% Off
For groms searching for an all-mountain freestyle snowboard to match their progressing skill set, the K2 Vandal youth snowboard focuses on features that matter, making snowboarding more fun and progression easier than ever before. The K2 Vandal features a Twin Rocker Profile flat between the feet, with rocker outside the bindings to make turning and spinning easier than ever. A twin shape, sidecut, and camber profile make the Vandal feel precisely the same whether riding left or right foot forward for dialing in switch riding or just figuring out whether your grom is goofy or regular-footed. Inside, the K2 Vandal features a single species Aspen Core to provide a smooth flex in a durable package. It's then wrapped with a biaxially woven fiberglass for the forgiveness needed for progression without sacrificing stability. For easy turn initiation, mid-run butters, and freestyle progression, we give the K2 Vandal a Catch-Free™ Tune, eliminating the hooky feel often experienced on other grom snowboards. The Extruded 2000 base is fast, tough, low maintenance, and easily repairable, giving you and your grom the confidence and peace of mind to send it on any terrain. *Performs best in combination with K2 Vandal snowboard boot and K2 Vandal Snowboard Binding Feature 1: Aspen Core - A single species lightweight wood core that delivers smooth flex and lively rebound. Feature 2: Biax Glass - A fiberglass weave intersecting at 90º angles provides the proper torsional flexibility and strength. Feature 3: Catch-Free™ Tune - A 2° bevel and factory detuned tip and tail reduce falls and make linking turns more achievable. Feature 4: Extruded 2000 Base - Low maintenance and smooth gliding base material that's durable and easy to repair.
Rossignol Men's Rossignol Evader Snowboard
$294.97 $419.95 30% Off
Versatile, forgiving, and fun, the men's Rossignol Evader Snowboard is an all-mountain ride for building skills and expanding your range. The right combination of rocker and soft flex makes for a maneuverable, catch-free ride that lets you push into new terrain and explore the mountain in any snow conditions. Effortless Mobility and Float AmpTek Auto-Turn Rocker provides incredible maneuverability, catch-free feel and instant float Stability and Control Directional All-Mountain flex provides increased control on back foot and high stability for smooth turn initiation All-Mountain Progression and Forgiveness Softer flex offers ease of ride, gentle grip, and superior shock absorption Sustainability 100% of Rossignol's wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably-harvested forests - Shape: Directional - Insert setback: 1.3cm-1.3cm-2cm-2cm-2cm - Inserts number: 5*2 - Core: Wood 5620 - Base density: 4400 Extruded - Base details: 3642 (144), 3806 (149), 3979 (154), 4169 (159), 4333 (164) - Flex rate: Flex 3/10 - Waist: 24.5cm-24.7cm-24.9cm-25.2cm-25.4cm - Sidecut: Single Radius - Rocker Camber: Amptek Auto-Turn - Radius: 6.9m-7.2m-7.4m-7.6m-8.1m - Stance width min/max: 50 to 58cm-52 to 60cm-54 to 62cm-54 to 62cm-54 to 62cm - Suggested weight: 40 to 90kg / 90 to 200 lbs - Boot size: 29 to 29.5cm max Technologies: AMPTEK AUTO TURN ROCKER - Our three patented blends of rocker and camber are each tailored to a specific riding style and intensity level. Featuring a softer flex profile from tip to tail, AMPTEK AUTO TURN has an 80/20 rocker/camber blend for effortless turn initiation and an easy, playful ride. FLEX 3 - Rossignol snowboard FLEX ratings range from softest (1) to stiffest (10) so you can select the best flex pattern for your skill and riding style. Softer boards are easier to manipulate, stiffer boards offer more power and stability. ABS - Offered as walls or built in cores, ABS provides enhanced durability while keeping the core safe from moisture.
Burton Deja Vu Smalls
The Burton Deja Vu Smalls is the logical next step for girls who have mastered the basics and are ready to explore the entire mountain. Soft and playful, it features the forgiving performance of our Flat Top™ bend to create the stability and snap you’d expect from camber, but with a floaty, catch-free tip and tail. Filet-O-Flex core profiling makes for a super soft flex that doesn’t sacrifice stability – just the thing to make you feel like you’ve done it all before, only not this awesome.
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