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Tools & Tuning

Dakine 10
A trusty scraping tool is a must-have for any skier or snowboarder worth their wax. The 10" Scraper works great on skis, but its true calling is the snowboard life. Twice as wide as most standard scrapers, this one fits comfortably in hand and helps you get the job done in as few passes as possible. It's time to work smarter, not harder. - 10-inch [ 25 cm ] wide for full width scraping - Ideal for snowboard wax removal
Toko Eco Down Wash 250ml
Used for down filled or synthetic clothing and sleeping bags. Restores the material's ability to plump up. Special active agents relubrication down feathers. Features: - Optimizes insulation by cleaning and loosening the filling - Retains the natural protective covering of the filling, due to a special caring agent - Also ideal for Merino wool clothing and socks - Caring and thorough cleaning by carefully selected, active washing substances - Contains no dyes, optical bleaches, whiteners or phosphates - Based on renewable raw materials - Very biodegradable - Also effective at low wash temperatures - Dermatologically tested - Concentrate – One bottle is sufficient for around 8 washes
Toko Eco Wash-In Proof 250ml
Environmentally-friendly waterproofing for high-quality textiles, sport and functional clothing. For a clean and easy use in the washing machine. Features: - Impregnation only / no washing function - Makes the fabric water resistant - On a fluorine-free and environmental-friendly basis - Water-based - Biodegradable - Simple use - For an optimum effect, the impregnated clothing must be activated for 30 minutes in the dryer
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