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Tools & Tuning

Toko Eco Down Wash 250ml
Used for down filled or synthetic clothing and sleeping bags. Restores the material's ability to plump up. Special active agents relubrication down feathers. Features: - Optimizes insulation by cleaning and loosening the filling - Retains the natural protective covering of the filling, due to a special caring agent - Also ideal for Merino wool clothing and socks - Caring and thorough cleaning by carefully selected, active washing substances - Contains no dyes, optical bleaches, whiteners or phosphates - Based on renewable raw materials - Very biodegradable - Also effective at low wash temperatures - Dermatologically tested - Concentrate – One bottle is sufficient for around 8 washes
Toko Eco Wash-In Proof 250ml
Environmentally-friendly waterproofing for high-quality textiles, sport and functional clothing. For a clean and easy use in the washing machine. Features: - Impregnation only / no washing function - Makes the fabric water resistant - On a fluorine-free and environmental-friendly basis - Water-based - Biodegradable - Simple use - For an optimum effect, the impregnated clothing must be activated for 30 minutes in the dryer
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