Happy Feet = Happy Ride

(Ok sure, it doesn't rhyme, but it's just about the truest thing we know about skiing and snowboarding)

Whether you're on your first run or your fifteenth, your feet are going to let you know when it's time to quit. Our expert boot fitters will point out things about your feet, knees and stance that will open your eyes about the way you ride and the fit you need to keep you on the hill until the last lift of the day. 

Say goodbye to those pressure points and cold feet! 

Boot Work Consultation & Adjustments

for parts and service
Get a one on one session with a professional bootfitter to diagnose your boot issues. We'll determine the issues and define what needs to be corrected to solve it. 

Consultation and basic boot adjustments are FREE with the purchase of ski or snowboard boots from Ken's Bike-Ski-Board.**

Our Boot Fit Guarantee: 

  • Your boots will fit you comfortably while skiing / boarding. 
  • We will make fit accommodations to remedy any significant discomfort which arise after purchase (or fails to go away as the boots break in - minimum 3 days of use).
  • In the very rare case where repeated attempts to accommodate your feet in boots we’ve sold you are not enough, we may exercise the option to credit your full purchase price toward another pair of ski boots from our stock.


  • All equipment must be in good working condition and not show signs of damage or excessive wear. Ski boots must meet current DIN specifications. 
  • Purchaser must present receipt showing date purchased.  
  • User of equipment must cooperate with Ken's bootfitter.

** Guarantee does not apply to damaged/abused boots, boots purchased elsewhere, fit anomalies (e.g. different sized feet, broken bones, etc.), fit upgrades (such as orthotics, custom liners or foot-beds), performance upgrades or fitting boots to a different skier/rider. It does not include modifications necessary (at extra cost) to custom-fit boots to your feet at the time of initial purchase.These accommodations may include custom padding, heel lifts or wedges, buckle modifications, liner stretching and/or shell stretching

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