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Urban Arrow Family

Urban Arrow Family
  • Color: Black
  • Drivetrain: Bosch Performance, 400Wh battery
  • Color: White
  • Drivetrain: Bosch CX, 500Wh battery
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Turn rush hour into fun hour:
The Urban Arrow "Family" is quite simply, the best assisted cargo bike we could find to offer you, our valued clients. Head-&-shoulders above its noisy, clunky, heavy (and often more expensive!) competitors, the Family is smooth, quiet, powerful, safe, reliable and versatile - not to mention tons of fun! You can read more about it at - but really, you won't know this bike until you come in and try one out. See you soon!

(Ken's also stocks a full range of Urban Arrow accessories to customize your new vehicle. From Floor Mats to Rain Covers to Extra Seats or Box Covers for cargo, we've got what you need!)

No compromise. The lowered children’ seating position makes for an overall lower center of gravity. This has a positive effect on the way in which the Family adheres to the road. A sturdy and adjustable three-point belt provides safety during the ride. And the expanded polypropylene (EPP) box protects your most precious cargo all around. 

Confidently zig-zag your way through traffic. The light frame, electric pedal assistance and stepless gear shifting guarantee a very pleasant riding experience. It is cycling the way you are used to, with agility and comfortable stability.

Bosch is the leader in mid-drive e bike systems, worldwide. Choose a Bosch Performance or Performance CX motor with a 400Wh or 500Wh battery for miles of smiles. Easily add a second battery if you need a bigger daily range - up to 100 miles!

One shifter, no derailleurs, a wide gear range with no discreet stops - a commuter's dream come true, the Enviolo N380 continuously-variable transmission makes for effortless gear transitions and plays extraordinarily well with the Bosch mid-drive system.

Urban Arrow thought of everything. We put our accessory range together by carefully listening to our riders. With the optional extra front bench, rain cover or Maxi-Cosi adapter you can tune your bike to match your family’s needs. Your bike will be so versatile that you might find yourself leaving that car in the driveway.

Meet the newest member of your tribe. One that takes you and your children wherever you want to go. No more worries about your busy schedule, kids needing to be places, fetching groceries or shopping trips. Zip through the city effortlessly, or enjoy a trip to the woods or the beach. One ride and you’ll be hooked! 


Frame Aluminum Alloy
Electric-Assist Type Bosch Performance or Performance CX
Battery Type/Weight Bosch 400Wh or 500Wh (mounts for 2nd battery, too!)
Handlebars Ergotec Moon Cruiser 25,4 black
Bicycle Drivetrain Enviolo N380 continuously-variable transmission
Wheels 20" Front, 26" Rear alloy
Tires Schwalbe Big Ben, 55m wide
Brakes Shimano Rollerbrake ABRC6000FB/RC
Weight 47kg
Color(s) Black, White
Accessories & Extras Box, bench seat w/belts, fenders, full chainguard, bike stand and Spanninga XE lights included; many options available

* Subject to change without notice.