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Ride Ex Bindings
$149.99 - $199.95 $199.95 Up to 25% Off
We’ve all had that insane ex we can’t get rid of. A stage five clinger that can’t handle that it’s time to move on. Our EX binding shares some of those qualities. Our EX might seem clingy due to the insane durability provided by the Aluminum Edge™ Chassis. You can leave them strapped down in your trunk, overnight, in the middle of winter and they are still covered by our lifetime warranty against bending and breaking. Unlike your ex, our EX is lightweight (always will be) and responsive thanks to the universal all-mountain flex of the EX Highback. When you’ve had enough fun, the possibility of a quick exit is easy and hassle-free thanks to the AstroGlyde™ OG Ratchets. Bottom line, the EX binding is a mid-flexing binding that you can count on for performance on all areas of the mountain. You can also count on this EX not to date your friends and stand outside your house yelling until your neighbors start to leave awkward notes on your door. Thanks DEB!
K2 Vandal
$109.99 - $139.95
Helping young riders progress faster than ever, the Vandal offers flexibility where you need it, and stiffness where it counts. The A-Line chassis creates solid footing, while the Groms Tweakback and Bender ankle strap provide the freedom to dream big and progress as fast as your imagination can go. - ProFusion chassis - Groms Tweakback - Tool-Less Universal - Bender Ankle Strap - Perfect Fit Toe Strap - 100% Tool-Less Adjustment
Burton Lexa EST
The first women’s binding ever remains our most popular pick, offering pro-caliber control for experiencing the entire mountain. Boasting legendary all-terrain performance, it’s no wonder the Lexa binding is a top pick for a whole host of Burton (and non-Burton) pro riders. Double Take buckles with Insta-Click get you strapped in fast and dropping first. The Asym Hammockstrap™ and Supergrip Capstrap™ 2.0 combined with a supportive Heel Hammock in the hi-back cradles your boot in supporting comfort. Experiment with the hi-back’s Zero Forward Lean for a more playful feel while treating your body right with the anatomical comfort of AutoCANT cushioning. Offered in two versions, choose the across-the-board compatibility of Re:Flex™ or pair the EST® model with a board featuring The Channel® mounting system for the ultimate in flex, feel, and adjustability.
K2 Sonic Binding
The K2 Sonic is your go-to for a good-looking and well-built binding, that helps you ditch the rental gear and focus on what’s important, having fun! The Pro-Fusion™ Chassis is tough and responsive, while the full EVA footbed absorbs bumpy terrain and makes for a comfortable ride.
K2 Cassette
Giving you the comfort and control that you need to continue exploring the mountains, the K2 Cassette is for the ladies looking to progress. Offering performance features beyond its price range, the Cassette Binding focuses on letting you have fun. Our durable A-Line chassis and full EVA-padded footbed absorbs vibration and makes for a comfortable ride, from open to close. - A-Line Chassis - 3° Canted Footbed - Performance Tweekback - Custom Caddi Ankle Strap - Perfect Fit Toe Strap - 100% Tool-Less Adjustment
K2 Indy
Bombproof Functionality All-around performance at a price that won't break the bank, the versatile K2 Indy is primed to take your riding to the next level. The Indy comes jam-packed full of features including our durable ProFusion Chassis, a lightweight AT Nylon Highback and 100% Tool-Less adjustability for on-the-go maintenance and ultimate on-hill freedom. - PC Flex Chassis Material - ProFusion Chassis - Multi-Compatible Disc - 3° Canting - Seamless EVA Footbed - 100% Toolless Adjustment - Adjustable Power Ramp - On-board Toe Adjust - Polycarbonate Highback - Airlock Forward Lean Adjustment - Tool-less Forward Lean Adjustment - 3D Ankle Strap - Padded Stitched Strap - Perfect Fit Toe Strap - Cam-Lock Centering - Aluminum Fixed-Pivot Ratchet - Integrated EX Feed Housing - 4/7 Binding Flex
K2 Vandal (Bindings)
The Vandal binding is perfect for any little ripper and pairs best with K2’s Vandal snowboard. A ProFusion™ chassis packs lightweight power for faster, more controlled carving and the Groms Tweekback lets your ripper poke those grabs in the park. K2’s Grows-A-Long™ adjustments assure that the Vandal binding grows with your grom season after season.
Burton Custom Re : Flex
The best bang for your buck, delivering all-terrain versatility and comfort for 20 years and counting. A fan favorite for its surfy freedom, the Custom is a binding that makes easy work of any terrain and offers a soft flex that’s always fun. Now with a handful of upgrades and brand new attitude, the Custom features a lightweight and bomb-proof baseplate topped with a new ergonomically canted zero-lean hi-back with MicroFLAD™ for performance that’s way beyond it’s price tag. NEW Reactstraps™ wrap response evenly around your boots and combine with underfoot cushioning to make this the most comfortable Custom ever. Re:Flex™ gives you more flex and feel than traditional disc bindings, along with universal compatibility to Custom-ize any board in the shop.
K2 Vandal Bindings
Lightweight Precision, Sized for Your Grom Built to be forgiving without sacrificing performance, the K2 Vandal binding is the perfect mate of the Vandal board and boot. Complete with our ProFusion chassis, 100% tool-less adjustments and our Tweakback highback, this binding is ready to rip, ready to take a beating, and ready for fun. The K2 Vandal Binding utilizes the tech of our adult bindings but in a grom-friendly flex to deliver a supportive, durable, and stylish kids binding that's the perfect companion on their snowboarding journey. The K2 Vandal's nylon Profusion Chassis is time-tested and supremely durable, and uses 3° of canting to increase balance and compliment your grom's natural riding position. The adjustable Power Ramp slides to match any snowboard boot outsole to customize the fit and fine tune the response of the board, and the Tweakback Highback is flexible and supportive for grabs and high speed turns through pow or on groomers. The padded Bender 3D Ankle Strap is cushy and hugs the foot securely while allowing enough flex to tweak grabs or press ground tricks, and the PerfectFit Toe Strap hinges to precisely fit any snowboard boot shape for lightning quick edge response on any terrain. For a secure and comfortable feeling, forgiving and supportive flex, and all-mountain, all-terrain durability, the K2 Vandal Binding is a tech-rich, feature-forward kids snowboard binding that oozes confidence and is ready to elevate your grom's growing snowboard skillset. - Performs best in combination but not exclusively with K2 Vandal snowboard and boot. - ProFusion Chassis - Multi-Compatible Disc - 3° Canting - Toe and Heel Formed EVA Footbed - 100% Toolless Adjustment - Adjustable Power Ramp - Tweakback - Forward Lean Adjustment - Bender Strap - 3D Ankle Strap - Perfect Fit - Cam-Lock Centering - Mega PC Lever - EZ Feed Funnel - 2/7 Binding Flex
Burton Custom EST
$129.99 $189.99 32% Off
With a free-flexing design and low-profile ShredBED™ 2.0 cushioning, the Burton Custom EST® is here to change that. The softest option in the EST family with an equally forgiving hi-back, it’s one of Jake Burton’s favorites for surfy freedom on all terrain. More playful and less aggressive than the Mission EST®, the Custom EST is here to unlock your setup with ultimate flex and feel.
K2 Cinch TS
Superior engineering, innovation, and progression at it’s finest, the K2 Cinch TS is our most versatile and responsive rear entry binding. Specializing in all-mountain versatility and power transfer, the Cinch TS uses K2’s Tripod™ chassis for improved board flex and response.
Look NX 10 B83
THE NX 10 IS A LIGHTWEIGHT, USER-FRIENDLY ALL-MOUNTAIN BINDING. The reinforced Full Action toe piece combined with the lightweight NX heel delivers strong power transmission, shock absorption, and an easy step-in design.
Marker Duke PT 12
For skiers looking for the ultimate versatility in their setup, with uncompromising big mountain performance plus the ability to take advantage of true Pin Tech climbing functionality, the Duke PT ushers in a new era. Marker sets yet another milestone, adding to the Royal Family heritage with the introduction of this hybrid freeride binding for the 2020-21 season. The biggest highlight of this new binding is the innovative Quad-Lock Ride & Hike toe. In ride mode, it provides uncompromising downhill performance with full safety release properties from DIN 4-12. Switching the binding to hiking mode is simply a matter of unlocking the upper part of the toe piece and rotating it forward. Pin binding technology is integrated into the base plate underneath the toe housing and operates in much the same way as Marker's KingPin and Alpinist models. In uphill mode, you have the option of saving 250 grams weight per foot by removing the toe housing sections and stowing them in your backpack. To switch to downhill mode, the toe housing clicks back onto the base plate. It locks back into place thanks to Auto Quad-Lock technology, just by stepping into the binding, without any extra action required by the skier. Another advantage, the Hollow Linkage heelpiece gives the skier the security and power transmission as our Squire freeride binding on the way down. The Duke PT also features SOLE.ID technology, just like other products in the Royal Family. This makes the binding compatible with all boot sole types falling under the Alpine (ISO 5355), Touring (ISO 9523), or GripWalk (ISO 9523) norms. ANTI-ICE RAIL - Use the metal rail to scratch off ice and snow below your boot sole. LOCK & WALK BRAKE - Including neutral walking mode and 10° climbing aid. AUTO QUAD LOCK - Toe part locks itself at 4 different points automatically when stepping into the binding. RIDE & HIKE TOE - For great Royal Family downhill performance and release function combined with pin-technology for strong uphill performance; DIN 6 – 16 Convertible toe: - Save 300g per foot for the uphill. SOLE.ID - Height-adjustable gliding plate to be compatible with alpine (ISO 5355), touring (ISO 9523), and GripWalk soles. Easy to adjust: Pozi screw at the front to adjust the height of the gliding plate. HOLLOW LINKAGE HEEL - The Hollow Linkage Heel was designed to optimize retention for all common types of alpine and touring soles. The hollow axle saves on weight and maximizes the torsional stiffness. The very robust construction is best suited for the most strenuous requirements.
Roxy T4 Girl Bindings
$69.99 $74.00 5% Off
The junior-specific Roxy T4 Girl binding gives your little one reliable release and fun, colorful graphics. Mini Wide brake accommodates skis up to 80mm wide under foot.
K2 Vandal
Helping young riders progress faster than ever, the Vandal offers flexibility where you need it, and stiffness where it counts. The A-Line chassis creates solid footing, while the Groms Tweakback and Bender ankle strap provide the freedom to dream big and progress as fast as your imagination can go. - ProFusion chassis - Groms Tweakback - Tool-Less Universal - Bender Ankle Strap - Perfect Fit Toe Strap - 100% Tool-Less Adjustment
K2 Cinch TC
Convenient Performance The Cinch TC is a mid-flexing, convenience binding packed full with some of our most tested and proven features. With a focus on comfort and ease of use, the Cinch TC comes equipped with tool-less adjustability, canted footbeds, and our bulletproof GF Profusion Chassis that still remains as the pinnacle of function and durability. - GF Nylon Performance Chassis Material - Multi-Compatible Disc Chassis - 3° Canting - Seamless EVA Footbed - On-board Toe Adjust - All-Terrain Nylon Highback - Forward Lean Adjustment - 3D Ankle Strap - Padded Stitched Strap - Cam-Lock Centering - Perfect Fit Toe Strap - 6/7 Binding Flex - Cinch Drag Ratchet
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