Estimates Are Always Free

When you bring in your bike for service, we always start with a free, no-obligation estimate of the work that will be needed. One of our friendly, expert mechanics will discuss any problems you're having with your bike and will carefully explain what work should be done, always respecting your choices and your budget.



Service Maintenance Packages

Regular and thorough maintenance by a professional mechanic not only makes your bike(s) faster & more fun to ride, it ensures your bike will last longer and experience fewer mechanical failures (& less costly downtime). A thorough examination, and inclusive maintenance package, takes Ken's mechanics less total time than trying to identify & fix each problem as it comes up. This means  it costs you less in the long run! Not to mention, you make just two trips to the shop: one to drop off the bike and one to pick it up.

Safety Tune-Up

Adjust front & rear hub bearings, headset & crank bearings. Clean, oil & adjust front & rear shifting and braking, including cables & levers. True both wheels (laterally). Inspect/tighten other components & accessories (crankarms, chainwheels, saddle, kickstand, racks, fenders, etc). Test ride & re-adjust as needed. 

Price: $75 + Parts.

Recommended interval: 6 to 24 months, depending on quality of bike and frequency of use.


Super Clean & Tune: Look Sharp, Run Smooth!

All of the above, plus: Remove, soak & scrub chain & cassette/freewheel. Remove & inspect tires & tubes. True both wheels completely: spoke tension, roundness, dish & lateral. Clean external surfaces.

Price: $105 + Parts.

Recommended interval: same as above, or when bike gets dirty.


Total Overhaul:  Like a New Bike!

Remove wheels, cables, derailleurs & brakes, then disassemble hubs, headset & bottom bracket. Clean
everything thoroughly, replace bearings, cables & worn parts, reassemble & finish with a full tune-up, including everything above! 

Current Price: $195 + Parts.

Recommended interval: 12 to 48 months, depending on quality of bike and frequency of use.

Other Common Repairs Available:

Handlebar Tape Rewrap
Spoke Replacement
Wheel Build
Disc Brake Bleed
Front or Rear Suspension Rebuil

(and anything else you need - our mechanics pride themselves on rising to any challenge!)

We offer a 15% discount on all service work
done on any bike purchased new from Ken's.

(Working on bikes purchased here takes us less time due to the quality of the initial build, and our familiarity with our brands.
It takes us less time to work on these bikes, so we pass the savings along to you!)