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Nearby Cycling Routes

There are a wide array of routes to embark on in the area for your next mountain biking expedition. From the beautiful oak woodlands of Rockville Park to the hidden gems awaiting in Las Posadas State Forest, taking off for a weekend cruise has never been easier!

Forest Hill

Foresthill Divide trail is a great loop ride.  

Located off Foresthill Road in Auburn, parking is about 3 miles up on the left, where you'll see a meadow and trailhead. Approximately 11 miles long, the trail winds its way parallel to Foresthill road and consists of shady single track and fire roads on the south side of the road.  There are a few moderate climbs and at least one that will challenge some riders. When the trail ends, follow the road up 200 yards and cross to a recently finished (2yrs or so) medium-width single track that rolls back down to the start.

There is a picnic table so you can rest before the downhill half of the ride.  Then sit back and enjoy the trail through the forest—it's a  mellow and fun return trip as well!

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Rockville Park

Rockville is Fairfield's little mountain bike haven. 

Located just out of town to the northwest, Rockville County park offers a variety of great terrain. A short climb brings you to a valley surrounded by small peaks. From here, everything you see is fair game. Rolling fire roads, twisting single track, easy-to-treacherous descents, rock drops/gardens/jumps, and beautiful oak woodlands surround a lake with strategically placed picnic benches. 

So saddle up and let's go ride, we're sure you'll love it.

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Hidden Falls

A new multi-use park in Placer County, it’s chock-full of easy through intermediate mountain bike trails centered around two creeks.  Nice all year, but absolutely gorgeous in the springtime when wildflowers are blooming, but not its best on hot summer afternoons. 

You can’t see much from the parking lot; the whole trail & creek system is hiding below the ridgeline. And the Hidden Falls are really hiding – takes some work, and a few steps off the bike, to get a glimpse… but Canyon View Falls are easy to see, with a viewing platform that makes a great rest stop before the short climb back up to the parking lot. Be courteous to hikers & horses on the multi-use trails, and you’ll have a great time.

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Salmon Falls 

Salmon Falls (take U.S. 50 East to El Dorado Hills Blvd. North; keep right onto Salmon Falls Road and park your vehicle near the bridge at Salmon Falls) has two trails to choose from: The Sweetwater trail is located on the south side of Folsom lake; the first part of this trail is the most technical, followed by smooth fast single track. Lots of shade on this trail keeps you cool. Great trail for all levels of mountain bikers, you're sure to enjoy this fun roller coaster ride through the trees. 

Salmon Falls trail is located on the North side, across the bridge. This trail starts with a fun winding section with a couple of small rock sections.  After the first half mile, the trail opens up and starts winding through the trees along the lake shore.  One or two short climbs await you, along with a lot of rolling single track and great views.  

Both of these rides are out-and-back, so once you feel you have gone far enough, turn around and enjoy the views from the other direction. 

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Pioneer Trail 

Pioneer Trail is located just out of Nevada City along Hwy 20.  

You can park at Five Mile House and get a trail map of the area as well as a great sandwich and goodies.  The trail starts right behind the house and parallels the road.  This is a great escape from the Valley's heat, it is just high enough to remain cool and there is tons of shade.  

The trail is great for beginners along the first 5-6 miles, then crosses the road to White Cloud Campground where the intermediate and advanced stuff starts.  Watch for horses on the weekend as this is a multi use trail. 

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Clementine Loop 

Clementine loop is located just east of Auburn on Hwy 49. 

This trail starts with a long moderate climb to the top. The descent is fast single track lined with small to medium jumps and rocky sections along the trail. This trail is not for the novice, but after a few rides you'll be ready.  The best part of this ride is that it ends at the American River near a swimming hole, so you work hard then relax.

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Las Posadas State Forest

Las Posadas is located 3 miles S.E. of Calistoga in Angwin. 

This trail system has everything a mountain biker could want. Shady single track through manzanita tunnels, smooth fast descents down the back side fire roads, lazy table tops, rock drops and beautiful views from Inspiration Point. 

Moderate climbs around the park offer more technical terrain, rock drops, log sections, whoop de doos and other obstacles as well. Lots of cool shade to keep it fun.  Come explore this hidden jewel among the vineyards of the Napa Valley with us. 

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