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MSR Revo Trail Snowshoes

MSR Revo Trail Snowshoes
Rave Green (Olive + Grey)
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Trust the all-condition durability & excellent grip of our MSR's new Revo Trail snowshoes to carry you along in the best and the worst snow conditions California throws at you this year. The exclusive ExoTract™ deck combines external metal traction walls with plastic’s unique torsional flex for solid control - the best of both worlds for changeable Sierra conditions. Its streamlined simplicity is lightened by unique DuoFit™ bindings securing your boots on any terrain or trail. And their rugged construction withstands frequent use, delivering many miles of adventure season after season.

Size                           25 IN                          22 IN

Color                                     Rave Green

Weight per pair   3 lbs 14 oz (1760g)     3 lbs 9 oz (1630g)

Width                                    8 in (20cm)

Binding type                              DuoFit

Televator                                     No

Load Capacity         140-220 lbs                110-180 lbs

Load Cap. w/Tails    150-280 lbs                120-250 lbs

Country of Origin   Made in USA of US & Imported Parts

When sizing snowshoes, don't go by the user's "naked" weight - instead, consider the total weight you're asking these snowshoes to carry: the person with all winter clothing, boots, poles, backpack, water, food, etc. And consider snow conditions - if you hike often in deep powder snow, consider a largers size; if you hike mostly on firmer snow, consider a smaller size. Of course, with MSR snowshoes you can purchase "Tails" to extend the shoes an additional six inches to support a larger load or venture into softer snow!