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Men's Snowboard bindings

K2 Bindings Clicker Plasma HB
$79.99 $159.99 50% Savings
The modern Clicker™ is an easy to use, ultra-quick alternative for riders that want to maximize their time on the mountain, or are just tired of the same old strap in routine. The Clicker’s canted foot beds promote proper anatomical alignment, and the lightweight and durable aluminum construction provide season after season durability.
Burton Custom SI
Evolution for the binding that started a revolution. The Custom has the right balance between flexibility and response, with a solid dose of trickle-down features from our high-end bindings. Long Fiber Reinforced Baseplate: Ultra-light and responsive. Custom Skyback: A legendary design that allows tweaking and motion. New Engagement Mechanism: Improved action getting in and out. New Snow Seal Mechanism: No clogging or jamming. 2-Component EVA Pads: Cushion for baseplates, Skyback, and Gas Pedals. Tool-Free Strap Adjustment: On-hill customization whenever you want it. Detailing: Automotive finish.
Burton Scribe EST
$159.99 $229.95 30% Savings
Offering a multi-talented package for all-terrain fun, the Burton Scribe binding remains soft, flexible and responsive no matter what your riding style. Sitting at the sweet spot between power and playfulness, a canted Living Hinge™ hi-back dials in response, while the comfort-centric Reactstrap™ and cushioned baseplate ensure that the ride is smooth and surefooted. Offered in two versions, choose the across-the-board compatibility of Re:Flex™ or pair the EST® model with a board featuring The Channel® mounting system for the ultimate in flex, feel, and adjustability. No matter which one you choose, you’ll experience more underfoot flex than any competitor binding, plus cloud-like cushioning to soften every inch of the mountain.
Burton Freestyle Re:Flex
For riders looking to elevate their game, the soft and forgiving Burton Freestyle binding is the proven solution. Built to make any board ride better, it features Re:Flex™ tech in the baseplate for a smoother flexing package that’s compatible with all major snowboard mounting systems. Soft straps, FullBED Cushioning, and a lightweight yet bomber design bring it all together in a binding that’s been a Burton bestseller for over 20 years now. Our Flex Slider makes strapping in a breeze with a strategically stretched hinging zone that allows the heel strap to flex and fall fully open. The Flex Slider is also stronger and fully backed by our LIFETIME WARRANTY.
$139.95 - $159.95
The Sonic delivers comfort and ease of use when you’re ready to ditch the rental gear and really begin focusing on progression. The EVA foot bed cushions your feet and absorbs bumpy terrain, and the Pro-Fusion™ chassis is backed by a lifetime warranty to keep you worry free on the mountain.
Burton Mission EST
$139.99 - $229.95 $229.95 Up To 39% Savings
No need to compromise comfort and performance for strength and reliability when you’re riding the legendary Burton Mission™ bindings. As the workhorse of Burton’s lineup, this do-it-all binding offers pro-grade features like ergonomic hi-backs featuring freestyle-minded zero Forward Lean and the seamless fit and comfort of ergonomic straps with unstoppable Smooth Glide™ buckles. Available in two models, mount the EST® version to a board with The Channel® for ultimate flex, feel, and adjustability, or go with Re:Flex™ and choose any board in the shop.
Burton Genesis
While some bindings are made rigid and stiff for the sake of performance, the Burton Genesis X binding achieves pro-caliber control without sacrificing an ounce of comfort. Built for aggressive all-mountain riders, it features a hyper-reactive carbon-injected baseplate, responsive Hammockstraps, and a zero-lean canted Hi-Back with MicroFLAD™ adjustment capabilities. Choose the across-the-board compatibility of Re:Flex™ or pair the SpringBED-equipped EST® model with boards featuring The Channel® for the ultimate in cushioning, feel, and adjustability.
K2 Indy
Looking for an all-around performer at a price that won’t break the bank? The Indy is our go-to-all-around binding and is backed by a lifetime chassis warranty. The perfect binding for riding bigger resort terrain and progressing your skills to the next level, the Indy is designed to prove that high performance and style don’t have to clean out your wallet.
Burton Custom EST
$119.99 $189.99 37% Savings
With a free-flexing design and low-profile ShredBED™ 2.0 cushioning, the Burton Custom EST® is here to change that. The softest option in the EST family with an equally forgiving hi-back, it’s one of Jake Burton’s favorites for surfy freedom on all terrain. More playful and less aggressive than the Mission EST®, the Custom EST is here to unlock your setup with ultimate flex and feel.
Burton Cartel EST
$199.99 - $279.95 $279.95 Up To 29% Savings
The Cartel,For feet that seek to send it. Kicked up response from the binding ripped by more pros. Period. The Hingeincreases foot roll for less fatigue and easier ollies, while AutoCANT cushioning equals anatomic comfort no matter which model you choose. A hair more powerful than the Malavita, not quite as aggressive as the Diode, the Cartel is the professional’s choice for good reason.
Burton Freestyle
Make your rise through the ranks quick and comfortable with snowboarding’s easiest riding binding. BASEPLATE: Single-Component Baseplate Construction, Lightweight, Bomb-Proof Polycarbonate, Re:Flex™, Compatible with all Major Mounting Systems HI-BACK: Ultra-Minimized Single-Component Hi-Back Construction, Zero Forward Lean HI-Back, MicroFLAD™ STRAPS: Lushstrap™, Adaptastrap CUSHIONING: Re:Flex FullBED Cushioning System For rookies ready to elevate their game, the soft and forgiving Burton Freestyle is the proven solution. This season’s big news is the upgrade to Re:Flex™, a hinged baseplate design that flexes underfoot and enhances feel in ways no competitor binding can. Re:Flex is also compatible across all mounting systems, letting you choose any board in the shop. The softest, most padded straps on snow, FullBED Cushioning, and a lightweight yet bomber design bring it all together in a binding that’s been a Burton bestseller for over 20 years now.
K2 Bindings Yeah-Yeah
The Yeah Yeah is engineered to meet the expectations of advancing women’s riders who are pushing the envelope both in and outside the park. Canted foot beds lessen joint fatigue and promote proper alignment for all day shred sessions, and the lightweight A-Line™ chassis shaves grams to help keep you lapping all day.
Ride Rodeo Rawlings
$209.99 $249.95 16% Savings
If you spend enough time alone, high up on a mountain with the Rodeo binding, any man will fall in love with its dependability and all-mountain versatility. A favorite of the RIDE team, the Rodeo is the perfect blend of high-end materials and key features. Our 100% Aluminum Infinity Chassis is willing to make a lifetime commitment to never bending or breaking. The Infinity Chassis features a narrower footprint, when combined with our Forged Aluminum Micro-Disc, maximizes the true flex and feel of your board. The ultra-light Astroglyde LT ratchets will ensure a frictionless entry into the vice-like grip of the Freestyle Asym Ankle Strap and toe-hugging ThinGrip Max Toe Strap. Wedgie Footbeds will align your knees in a more ergonimically correct position and give you more leverage to pop off your tail. So spit on your hand and love that Rodeo strong!
Ride EX Bindings
$149.99 $189.95 21% Savings
Every model needs to have a little work done to stay in the game, so this year we’ve revamped the RIDE EX binding with a super-versatile Edge™ chassis, our brand-new, ultra-responsive Wedgie™ footbed, and clean, secure RAD™ Ankle Strap. With a new highback construction designed specifically to further this binding’s legendary performance, the EX is ready for yet another season of shred.
K2 Cinch TS
A bit more forgiving than it’s older brother (the Cinch TX), the Cinch TS is an all-mountain rear-entry binding that efficiently transfers power to your board with our customizable lateral flex Tripod™ Chassis and fully adjustable traditional two-strap system. Now, your buddies will need to find a different reason to whine when you’re already strapped in beating them to the pow stash.
K2 Cinch TC
$199.95 - $199.99
The Cinch TC’s provides quick rear entry and exit at the flip of a lever, and delivers increased performance relative to other bindings in the step-in market. K2’s traditional and fine tunable two-strap system is performance oriented and endlessly adjustable. No longer do you have to sit down to strap-in, saving time and energy and allowing you to maximize your time on the mountain.
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