Now through Sept. 30th 
Rethink the School Bus + Get FREE Add-Ons

with the purchase of any of Yuba's Supermarché, Sweet Curry, or Mundo LUX Cargo Bikes. 
Get those wheels rolling and be the envy of the drop-off line!

Rethink the School Bus with Yuba! 

It’s that time of year—the kiddos are heading back to school. This year, let’s rethink the School Bus situation and carry them to school in style. 

Yuba Supermarché

Specifically designed for active mums or dads, the Supermarché can fit riders of different size thanks to its step-through geometry. Constructed from lightweight aluminum, the Supermarché steers nimbly with a double cable steering.

FREE Add-Ons include:

  • Bamboo Baseboard
  • Bamboo Box

Yuba Sweet Curry

With unmatched versatility, the Sweet Curry can handle any load from little riders to great big dogs. The Sweet Curry boasts a light aluminum frame, extra low rear rack and nimble steering for a smooth, easy ride when loaded to the max.

FREE Add-Ons include:

  • Stand Alone Kickstand
  • Bamboo SideBoards
  • Hold-On
  • Soft Spot

Yuba Mundo LUX

The Mundo LUX is our super sturdy minivan on two wheels.  Frame and fork are forged from chromoly steel, which keeps the bike solid as ever but shaves off five pounds from the finished weight.

FREE Add-Ons include:

  • Go Getter Cargo Bag
  • Leg-Up
  • Hold-On
  • Soft Spot