Urgent Need for Bike Repair? Call us, or click here:

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Operating during the pandemic:


At Ken's Bike-Ski-Board, we pride ourselves on personal service - but we're being called on to modify how we deliver that service. We're happy to answer your questions and help you select the best product or service for your needs - from the comfort & safety of your home - with the pages of this website, over the phone (530-758-3223) or by email (start with ken@kensbikeski.com).

Our showroom and rental department are closed. Some bike mechanics are working (far apart from each other and all customers) to perform urgent small repairs - make an appointment here - but we're scheduling most seasonal maintenance needs for the future (click here for details).

When you're ready to purchase (or your repaired bike) please pay over the phone or online, then make an appointment to pick up at our front door (or we'll bring it out to your car) or to ship or deliver to your home.

All team members over 60, uncomfortable working, or with colds have been excused. Remaining staff have staggered their shifts, increased the frequency & rigor of cleaning, and stay a safe "social distance" from each other. They're available by phone, email, or for three kinds of brief appointments: Drop off a bike for urgent repair, Pick up a repaired bike, or pick up a purchase. Call 530-758-3223 (9am-6pm Mon-Sat) or click here 24)7 to make an appointment.

Thank you for understanding and for temporarily changing your shopping style - we all look forward to the other side of this crisis.


IF YOU'RE SICK, please stay home and call your health care provider. Don't ride your bike, and don't visit us.

IF YOU'RE HEALTHY, stay healthy - eating right, sleeping plenty, avoiding crowds and getting exercise. With schools closed and events cancelled... the best way to stay fit & virus resistant might be going for a ride - alone or with members of your own household. Our friends at CalBike have created some great materials on the benefits of riding and a guide to biking through the pandemic. If you need our help, please use this website, email or call us; we're here to help.