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Let´s talk about E Bikes

How to ride an e-Bike?

E bikes are not small electric motorcycles. A quality pedal assist e-bike multiplies your input - so you can travel faster and further with less effort than any bicycle you've ever owned.

Is e-Biking healthy?

Nearly all cycling is low impact exercise which doesn't stress your joints like running and many other "impact sports." By multiplying your pedaling input (as much or as little as you choose), e-biking further reduces joint stress and takes away barriers to riding. E-bike riders tend to ride more often and farther, building range of motion and cardiovascular fitness while they enjoy the great outdoors. 

Are e-Bikes an alternative to cars?

As people become more eco-conscious, e-bikes are a great option for anyone making last-mile trips, or really any trip under 10 miles. An e-bike gets you where you need to go quickly with zero emissions and parking is easy!

Can I have an E bike for different uses?

There are different categories of  E bikes , you can find mountain, road, cruisers, trikes, cargo, city and recreation alternatives.

These bikes are made to optimize your riding comfort and control in a variety of situations. The best deliver an unequaled combination of power, natural feel, anti-theft functions, training tips, a full-function bike computer.

Electric City Bikes

Electric Road Bikes

Electric Mountain Bikes

$3,499.99 - $3,999.99
$5,499.99 - $5,500.00
$2,249.99 - $3,250.00
$4,399.99 - $5,800.00
$3,499.99 - $3,749.99