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When it comes to bindings, 
your safety is at stake. 

Skiing and snowboarding are wonderful sports – they get you out in the fresh mountain air, enjoying nature and improving your fitness at the same time. And they are lifetime sports – many avid skiers keep going into their late 70s, 80s or even 90s!

But as with any active sport, there are risks and getting the correct binding settings and adjustments can minimize that risk.

Ski bindings aren't a "set it once and forget it" mechanism. Your needs may change, we'll need to make sure insurance companies are still covering the model you own, and the bindings need to be re-tested periodically to ensure they're still working as originally designed. Our certified technicians have specialized training and years of experience, and will set up and test your gear based on your height, weight, age and skiing style.

And if you're a snowboarder, they'll help you get set up with a stance that maximizes your comfort, control, safety and style - and recommend maintenance checks to keep your bindings worry-free.

Binding Mounts & Adjustments

Alpine Ski Mount 

+ Adjust & Test

System Ski Mount

+ Adjust & Test

Alpine Ski Remount

+ Adjust & Test

Alpine Ski Adjust & Test


Snowboard Mount 

+ Adjustment

Cross Country Ski Mount