NEW LOWER PRICES on the world's finest electric assist bicycles: Here are some of the top-notch e-bikes and kits you'll find in stock now. Come in today and try one out - most are available for test ride, and some for "demo" rental; you can apply up to two days of rental fees to your e-bike purchase! 

Since 2009, Ken's has teamed up with Swann Electric Bicycles to offer a full range of electric-assisted or "e-bikes." Together they specialize in installing BionX conversion kits to provide the smoothest, quietest, most reliable e-bikes on the market. These kits can be fitted to most new or existing bicycles. They can also be installed on recumbent bicycles, 3-wheelers, cargo bikes, mountain bikes and more. No one in the area has more experience preparing for the coming transportation revolution.

BionX e-bike technology works much like a hybrid car, except that you substitute your legs for the combustion engine. As the rider, you still pedal, but can choose to amplify your pedaling power by an extra 25 to 300%. The harder you push, the more the motor works with you. Utilizing the latest battery technology, every BionX system we sell gives a minimum of 20-mile range on the highest power setting. Using the electric power more conservatively can take you beyond 60 miles. The system charges fully in a few hours. It's also one of the few e-bike systems that allows you to regenerate power as you coast downhill, extending your range in hilly terrain.

Ken's now offers a range of Specialized Turbo mid-drive bicycles for sale and for rent. These highly-sought-after new machines integrate battery, motor and controls in one sleek, beautiful and well-balanced package for those seeking a simple, integrated "grab & go" solution.

What about exercise?

With multiple levels of pedal-assist, you’ll get all the exercise you want. Because e-bikes are a simple, clean way to get ourselves and our gear where we’re going, you will likely substitute e-bike trips for car trips more often than you think. Hook up a trailer and suddenly you’ve got a fun, non-polluting way to carry kids to school, get groceries or lumber, and commute to work. And you’ll feel great leaving the car behind.


Yes, we can install a variety of options such as a controller display, lights, and a bluetooth module for use with a Smartphone App. Options offer you the ability to see your battery level, speed, distance, time, heart rate, map, and more.


Try one today!

Of course the practical and environmental benefits of an e-bike are substantial, but the best part of owning one is how fun they are to ride!  Stop by Ken's any time (Mon-Sat 9am-7pm, Sun 12n-6p) to try one out today!

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